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We are offering the next generation of young entrepreneurs the ultimate career opportunity and the chance to begin their careers with something more than a student loan and a job to repay it. 

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A Few FAQs We Get A Lot:

 What Does YESA stand for? 

YESA stands for Young Entrepreneurs Sales Academy 

 What is YESA?

YESA is a sales company whereby we secure contracts with third party organizations and build a market approach and sales team for them. YESA also provides world class on the job training to help develop the sales and business leaders of tomorrow. 

 What will I be selling?

We work with a variety of companies and we place you depending on your current skill level, education and experience, so you could be selling such products and services as online sales training software, telecommunications services, medical supplies and equipment, or a number of other products and services.

 Is this a Multi-Level Marketing Company?

No! YESA is real career opportunity for individuals who want to earn an income while obtaining a sales and business education. When you join our team you are then placed (based on your current education and experience level) in a sales position, selling a product/service for an organization that YESA has partnered with. 

 Where will I work? In what cities is YESA available? 

YESA currently has offices in Port Moody, British Columbia and Burlington, Ontario so you would be working in one of these areas to begin with. 

 Is YESA looking for managers? 

We are always looking for strong leaders and managers to join our team and help us create a new generation of entrepreneurs. If you are a manager and looking to join our organization at a senior level, complete the application and make note of your desired position. 

 How much will I make working with YESA? 

How much you make is determined on how much you work on yourself and your skills. Earnings range from $35,000/yr to $250,000/yr. The amount is truly up to you -- the more you sell, the more you make. 

 Does it cost anything to apply? 

It does not cost anything to apply with YESA. You simply complete the application and interview process and if selected you join our organization and begin your career and education. 

 What will I learn working with YESA? 

You will be learning a large variety of material as you begin and progress your way through the various Grades within YESA. A few such topics include selling basics, understanding the buyer, negotiating and closing, public speaking, professional attire, self-promotion and marketing, leadership and management and many more. 

 Will I be an employee or contractor working for YESA? 

To start your career with YESA you will first join us as a contractor with the opportunity to become an employee as you progress. 
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Here is The Enrollment Process

  • Complete and submit the application.
  • ​You will be contacted to send in your resume and 60 second selfie video.
  • ​​If qualified you will be contacted by a YESAcademy team member for an interview.
  • ​Succeed in our interview process & background check. 
  • ​Officially join our team and get on-boarded.
  • ​Complete new-hire training.
  • ​Begin role and start selling! 
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